Awards Guidelines

Outstanding Contribution to the Profession

  • Actions beyond the call of ordinary duty*.
  • Outstanding volunteer work. 
  • May be paid or volunteer.
  • Member in good standing for at least a year.
  • Outstanding record on mission participation.

*Must include supporting documentation in photos, newspaper articles,and/or videos

Volunteer/Citizen of the year

  • Member with full Emergency Management orientation.
  • Non-staff member. Example- school teacher, commissioner, mayor,and so on.
  • Actively promotes and supports local and or state EMA.
  • Nominated by local area director.

Jack Hobbs Award for Amateur Radio
Be a licensed Amateur Radio Operator in good standing with the FCC.

  • Benefits the profession of Emergency Management or a specific emergency management organization.
  • Demonstrates willingness to help others acquire their radio license.

Emergency Management Agency of the Year

  • Recognized EMA office by GEMA.
  • Compliant and in good standing with GEMA.
  • Member of EMAG for at least 2 years.
  • Has made a significant improvement or difference in their community to mitigate, respond to, or recover from a disaster.

Director of the Year

  • Held the EMA position of area director for a minimum of four years.
  • Nominated by head of any public safety agency to include elected officials, EMA/Rescue Volunteers, EMA Staff or any EMAG Executive Committee member. Nomination must be in writing and with supporting documents.
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities (this information is obtained from the nomination letter).
  • Member of EMAG for at least two years in good standing.
  • Attends at least 80% of all area meetings.
  • Attends EMAG conferences.
  • Member may be paid or volunteer.

Marguerite Brock Rescue Award**
For Best all-around rescue program.

  • Note type of rescue team equipment and how procured. Example – Local Government, fundraiser, donation,surplus property, etc., that meet GEMA 2-3 rescue program guidelines.
  • Identify size of community served.
  • State the number of state-certified rescue card-holding members in your organization.
  • State total number of emergency operations in the past twelve months.
  • Include types of operations and number of volunteer man-hours.
  • Describe the type of training your organization has completed in the past twelve months and the number of hours expended.
  • Describe any type of community service involvement for your organization during the past year.
  • Explain any other coordination that you have done with other emergency agencies.

Must be submitted by the Director, and must be strictly EMA, and strictly volunteer (non-paid). Nomination must be in writing and with supporting documents.
Note: No award will be given if the committee deems that no one completely meets the criteria.

Total Membership Award 
This award is presented to the area chairperson with the largest increase in membership from the previous year.

  • Independently verified by the Secretary.

** Please Note: This is a separate awards program from the Governor’s Public Safety Awards