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The Emergency Management Association of Georgia (EMAG) has three primary goals. The first goal is to assist members in their efforts to save lives and protect property from the effects of disasters. The second goal is to provide a forum for professionals to discuss current issues in the emergency management field. Lastly, EMAG serves as a policy advisory board both to local emergency management agencies and to the State of Georgia Emergency Management Agency.

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    57th Annual Membership Meeting November 12 & 13, 2014

    October 28th, 2013

    The 57 Annual Membership Meeting will be November 12 & 13, 2014 at the Dillard House in Dillard [...]

    FEMA Releases Public Works Resource Typing Definitions

    August 16th, 2013

    FEMA released, for final publication and distribution, seven Public Works resource typing definition[...]